About the Artist

I grew up in a family that has always encouraged independent thought and creative expression. My father, a graphic artist & jazz musician, and my mother, a sketch artist and opera singer, provided a cultural atmosphere of art and music from an early age. With training in both classical art and modernism, my artistic endeavors lead to an interest in computer graphics in the late 1980's during the digital art revolution.

As a University student in Art and Computer Science, I began producing work that blurred the line between mathematics and art, focusing primarily on fractal geometry. I developed and refined my programming techniques to capture the complexity and beauty of algorithmic art in an original and innovative manner, often using my knowledge of image processing to augment my artistic output.

Over the years, I continued to improvise and experiment with graphics algorithms until I made a niche for myself in the artistic community. My work contains elements of the familiar together with unusual shapes and patterns that will, hopefully, stimulate your imagination.

I currently reside in San Diego, California where I work as a graphic artist. My work has been exhibited and sold by the San Diego Museum of the Living Artist.


San Diego, California - 2009