01-weaver fever 02-sun flake 03-sign of sine 04-serpentarium.jpg 05-escher's wheel 06-escher's girl
07-the money tree 08-manual labor 09-knotty%20pictures 10-mandelbrot's%20garden 11-octaves 12-yin & yang
13-reproduction 14-binary fusion 15-blocks and crackers
20-clown shoe 22-trapped in red & yellow 19-moody hues 16-ebb and flow 21-berry'd alive 23-iridescence
25-euclid's tree 26-the trinity 27-ifs 28-the butterfly's storm 29-newplants 30-ripples2
001-alien mist 002-the piano 003-pixel art 004-sky city 005-sky city night